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Your companion for the next step

Whether you want to tackle a development topic, tackle a challenge, or simply answer a personal question, I am at your side as a partner and co-pilot.

I support you in making conscious
decisions and accompany you in the preparation, implementation and sustainability of personal change processes.
Portrait Peter A Meier
Peter A Meier Portrait

CG Jung said: "Until you become conscious of the unconscious, it will control your life and you will call it destiny."


In this sense, my vision is a conscious world.

The basis of my work is the conviction that every person already carries the solution to their challenges within themselves.

With the support of a coach, the clients can answer these personal questions themselves and develop a solution using their own resources.


The following values form the basis of my work:

  • Consciousness

  • Responsibility

  • Development

  • Results

How does coaching work?
This video explains the
positive effects coaching has on my clients.


Register now for a free and non-binding first session. At this first meeting we will get to know each other personally and I will tell you more about coaching in general and the course of the sessions in particular.

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